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Stylish & fun studio photography. In fact we guarantee one of the best experiences of your life! If you don’t like your photos, we’ll give you your money back! Don’t believe us?! Well read on……

Based in mid-town Miami, Photo Studio 305 is centrally located and therefore only a few minutes away from downtown, the beaches, airports and Broward County.

Photography is an art form. It's not just a question of point and shoot. Yes, a lot of factors have to be weighed in such as positioning and lighting, but our ability to make you relax and SHINE during your shoot is what makes us stand apart from everyone else. We will bring your images to life with amazing lighting effects, computer re-touching and a variety of backgrounds in our AMAZING studio, but we will also build up your confidence with great posing instruction and body language coaching.

The Secret to our fabulous photography is to capture each client having fun, relaxed & feeling comfortable.

To make sure you get the best images ever we always go that extra mile. It is a team effort so please bring along visually interesting items: musical instruments, skateboards, fancy dress, scooters, karate or football kit, even the family pet is welcome. 

We are fully qualified & experienced, & more importantly, we all love working with people. That’s why we pride ourselves on the quality of the photographs we deliver. We will go that extra mile to make sure not only do you all look & feel fabulous, but that you actually all enjoy your photo shoot while here at the studio.

We believe in freedom of expression and creativity. Our studio is fully equipped with changing rooms should you all wish to have photos taken of you in different outfits, it is spacious to allow your babies, children or teens the freedom to roam, & most importantly, the atmosphere is chilled out and relaxed.

We offer a choice of packages to suit all budgets. We are firm believers that good quality photography should be affordable & available to all. 

 Girls & Guys all have different tastes and requirements.

We like to listen to your thoughts and combine our vision to create a totally original set of photography work for you to enjoy! We are not an old fashioned studio just churning out the same old boring photos!

We are ace at coaxing smiles & catching natural sparkles. Shy and reserved? You can trust in our expertise to get the right shots!

Babies & maternity images, we do them all.

Pregnant mothers have a small window of time to capture that glowing look. So hurry, we are not equipped to deliver the baby, just great pictures. And babies grow up so quickly. It’s amazing how every child, no matter how young, has such unique features. A certain smile, a look in their eye, or the way their hair stands up in a certain direction. We understand the special relationship & bond between a parent & baby. Let us show you. 

Kids & Children want to have fun.

So do we, because we know that’s how to capture them at their best. Genuine & happy smiles, glowing faces and mischievous eyes, this is the essence of creating stunning and beautiful child portraits.

We know that your children should feel comfortable, happy & relaxed while they are here. We have mastered the art of funny faces quite well over the years. We can produce a smile or a grin quite easily. In fact, sometimes the children forget someone has a camera as they play happily with a sibling, or a prop you have brought with you.

Sometimes children love to dance, and if your child enjoys dancing, or music, bring an iPod or mp3 player along with you. Kids look so natural when they feel at ease. This is when we can take stunning images for your child portrait, when they are relaxed & enjoying themselves.

Your teen might have a great idea herself on an image she thinks might work well.

We are happy to explore their ideas and involve them as much as possible. Quinceanera or sweet 16? You’re at the right place. .

Of course your pet is a very important part of your family & should definitely be included in your family photo shoot.

We are particularly dog & cat friendly, however if you have a llama, emu or a monkey, bring them along. We’ve always wanted to shoot a monkey!

Maybe you have toys or tricks that you want incorporated into the photo shoot? Just let us know and we will do it.

Bring the whole gang...

We have taken photographs and produced portraits of groups up to 20 people, and the results were stunning! It doesn’t matter to us if you have a large family, or indeed a big group of friends and you all want to come along & have fun.

Bring along all your favorite props, some music & even whacky outfits if you like. Express yourself during your shoot and we will make sure you all look AWESOME.

We say: Have a go risk-free, get the kind of images you have always wanted but never thought you would get, and take advantage of this moment in time.  Our photography style is bold, original, and above all FUN! One thing for sure, Photo Studio 305 won’t let you down!